Dancer / Choreographer / Performer

Romeo Bron Bi is from Ivory Coast. The dance is manifested from an early age, influenced by the rhythms of life that surround him, traditional and urban dances in the center west of his country. In 2005, his love of dance became his reason for living, his job and his privileged mode of expression.

He begins to move on musical influence Gospel, then studies Modern’Jazz, liturgical dance, theater and mime. Over the years, he has perfected himself in contact with several choreographers and dancers such as Salia Sanou, George Momboye, Koffi KOKKO, Julia Cima, Andrea Ouamba, Jonathan Prenlas, Pierre Doussaint, Didier Theron, Max Diakok, Silvie Pabiot and Merlin Nyakam.

These encounters and sharing, combined with his curiosity and sensitivity, are fundamental to begin a work of exploration around the aesthetics of the body and its movement. By considering the body as his primary field of relationship with the world, he is the main tool of knowledge and sensation, an instrument of knowledge and thought. Thus, his personal research aims to refine the technique and the way of making his body speak, by developing the ordinary relation that we have with the surface of our supports; the ground relation, from which he draws his energy. He tends to recall that this ground is, according to his vision of Human, a material of which he is himself material.

He distinguished himself by being part of the Jasp’Company Trio, in 2012, as part of the ADEA Triennale at SIAO (Burkina Faso); during the « Dansons maintenant » festival organized by the Zinsou Foundation (Benin) with the play « Eclipse ». He has also collaborated on initiatives of great interest such as performances around the works of internationally renowned artists such as Bruce Clarke, Nicole Dufour, Simplice Haouansou …

He settled in Alsace, precisely in Strasbourg in 2013, where he teaches contemporary African – inspired dance classes, Afro – urban and Modern dance classes.

He creates his own company, the « Bron Bi Company » in 2017, to refocus on his own artistic language, so that his ideas, his dreams and his projects finally see the day.His theme of work remains the reflection on the purpose of the existence of Man in relation to his environment.

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