Transmit the love of dance

The Bron Bi Company was created in 2017, with the aim of energizing and realizing Romeo’s thousand project ideas. Since entering the world of dance, his mind has never stopped creating. His deep inspiration comes from his Ivorian origins, his personal history and his reflections on the purpose of existence.

Transmitting is the watchword of this man with contagious energy. This is the goal of his company: to make known the culture of his country and of his continent, to share knowledge with other nations, to understand and make understood the artistic language. Through his projects, he shows how to refine the technique and the way to make the body speak, develop the ordinary relationship that we have with our support surface, the relationship to the ground, from which we draw our energy. . Romeo tends to recall that this soil is according to his vision: “a material of which we ourselves are material”.

Project of the Compagnie Bron Bi

Here are some examples of projects already carried out by the Bron Bi Company:

Proximité : “From that moment I understood that a dance time can change a lot of things in a life. Especially in the lives of people who are said to have broken down. ”

Kavô- Tchiva : “To instill in children values such as self-confidence, self-esteem, sharing, acceptance of others, respect for difference, the joy of living.”

ME4YOU : “Let’s try with art, giving of oneself, unconditional love are the only and real ways to be useful for Humanity.”

8 minutes de balançoire : “Should we take our perception of the reality around us as true? “


AN-MOÛH : The subject of the play is the relationship between a mother and her child. This relationship is described in
through the personal experience of the dancer choreographer. The play deals with the emotions felt
at each stage of its journey.


Do you also want to join the adventure?

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