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Roméo bron bi


Welcome to my contemporary world. Here, I share with you some projects related to contemporary dance. It is with this dance that I communicate powerful and meaningful messages without saying a word … Because space, time, my body, my movements, unite to share my messages.

Le voyage de Roméo

This piece is a portrait, that of Romeo dancer, choreographer, Ivorian artist, fleeing the war in his country and arriving in France in 2012. It is the story of his dance, which is transformed and enriched over the years. course. A geographical route that fits into the body of the migrant. Immigration is also a courageous adventure, a bearer of beauty and hope. Through the individual story of the dancer, it is about showing the creative vivacity of those who have to adapt and invent a new way of life.

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8 minutes de balançoire

The truth ? Does the truth have to be reality? These are all questions that the viewer is led to ask over time. The dancers swing like a swing between the two states. Their dance pits truth against spirit and reality against their bodies. Does the mind have to be in tune with the body for reality and truth to become one?

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Dance as the only language!